Bike Routes

I’ve been getting into bikepacking over the last year, and figured this would be as good a place as any to share some of my routes.

The Sierra Circuit:

Last summer I started working on a project for the ultimate Sierra Bike-packing Route. I’ve completed the first 1100 miles, but got cut short because of weather and lack of time. You can read a little account of my journey at singletracks.

And, you can check out the working caltopo map of my route here. I’ve done my best to make a legal route on existing and rideable surfaces, but please don’t blame me if that turns out otherwise. Also let me know if you ride any part of the route, or what you think! Get in touch if you have questions!

Toiyabe-Toquima Loop:

This is an arduous overnight I ride I did in central Nevada. Here’s a brief description.

First half has lots of water. Starts with a brutal climbing up an old mining road to bring you to the non-wilderness section of the Toiyabe Crest Trail, which as far as I can tell is legal to ride. 35 miles of steep, fun, and sometimes faint singletrack heads north up and down at elevations of 7,000-10,000 feet. From there roads cut through canyons over narrow notches through what in summer of 2019, was some brilliant green scenery. Turns to giant steep rolling hills, then descends a fun drop on a faint road into a canyon. Heads down a road through Spencer Creek (sometimes literally through the creek) and comes out into Big Smokey Valley down to Spencer Hot Springs!

Second half is low on water. You might even stock up at the hot springs (gross).  Climbs a wide dirt road. There’s a muddy spring I dug water out of a little ways up (Pete’s Spring). Continues with some rises and falls up to high meadows with a few box springs set up by ranchers, one of which I found a dead rat floating in. No more water once you drop off the mountain! The descent is down a semi-non-existent trail, which becomes more clear and more fun a little ways down. Drops you back out in the valley to a flat ride back to the start!