2 Years running, 32 years standing

(4077, Diseminado Poligono 10, 07839 Sant Josep de sa Talaia)

After three summers in Ibiza, it’s always exciting to discover new places here on the Island. In the hills above Sant Josep lies a derelict ‘Festival Club’ which was built in the early 70s and saw icons such as Bob Marley play there.  When the venue first opened tourists would flock there by bus, but the club did not stay open for very long due to the 1973 fuel crisis which caused a steep increase in airfares resulting in less tourists, making the effort of driving just a few tourists to the club uneconomical. The venue ran for two summers then closed in 1974, and was not reopened despite being on the market.
Check out this original poster to see just how different Ibiza used to be!
Festival club featured an amphitheatre for performance art, mock bull fights and a music venue with several bars. Even now you can sit on the concrete table and look over the hills into the deep mysticism of Ibiza.
It is a must see for anyone who loves discovering secret spots on the island. Perfect place to enjoy a drink and be surrounded by a wonderful mix of nostalgia and nature. If the concrete ruins had no safety issues the site would make an amazing outdoor venue; think Space Carpark vs WHP! Take a look at some of our snaps and comment if you know of any hidden gems here in Ibiza.