As a millennial, I experienced first hand the rapid growth of technology, probably one of the biggest revolutions of human history (so far, at least). When I was a child, we had a TV and a radio, pretty standard- dodgy FM signal and five shitty  TV channels. Fast forward a couple of years and we could finally afford a PC (I dread to think of the specs but the price was insane at £1000!). It seems like a different world as I’m sat here typing on a laptop, listening to music streaming off my phone with an iPad as a supportive screen. To think that 20 years ago I was impressed that a calculator had a solar panel, it’s truly amazing how far we have come with technology!

Everything is digital now, and it’s brilliant. Seamless  cloud storage across all devices, platforms and sites! It got me thinking, as a kid, looking at photos (and videos if you were super cool) was nostalgic and brought back memories whereas now, you remember your login for an old OneDrive account and all your old schoolwork is there, lingering about in a little corner of the internet. It used to be a case of digging through Nana’s old shoeboxes or digging out records from the garage, but now, we have a digital footprint of everything we have ever created. Well if you’re more organised than me anyway…

I’ts the end of the year and I’m feeling a little reflective, so I thought I would try and dig out some old uni assignments. Being the unorganised typical student, I couldn’t find any. I did find some hilarious old college pieces (an AWFULLY designed ‘magazine’  made on publisher- far too embarrassing to post) and an equally awful presentation for my first job interview, which was IBM. (No, I didn’t get the job, and it’s perfectly clear why..)

I did, however, find the login details to my MixCloud account after reading through my old blog posts. Now the mixes aren’t great at all (I like to work at a quick pace and I didn’t dedicate enough time to perfecting the art of mixing) but none the less, it brought back happy memories, and I’m so glad I found them. I guess it’s like our parents finding a mixtape they’d recorded off a radio. It made me realise just how much technology has flourished!

How far can it go? Will capitalism continue down the road to corporatism and eventually we will be left with say  7 companies running everything to do with technology? We can’t predict the future, but we can track the past!

Bit of a rambling post,


PEACE bro x