What is life? Concioussness? Self? The present moment is a stream of information (in words, images, ideas), the past is a memory (of said information) and the future will be more of it. A multitude of secondary information is presented to us in many forms; opinions, theories and even news and the problem many of us are left with is how much we can trust that information. How can we decide what we believe? What is true? Should we question everything that we come across or can we trust certain sources?

I am currently working on a piece which will attempt to bring the following subjects together. If you are interested in any of these, I would LOVE to get your views, videos, articles etc so get in touch. Due to the amount of research this project will require, it may be a few months.

  • Consciousness: NDEs, OBEs, Psychedelics
  • Origin of Life: Simulation, Creationism, Evolution
  • Biochemistry, Quantum Mechanics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Codes & Patterns: Superstring Theory, Pi, Fibonacci
  • Third Eye, Serotonin and the claustrum
  • Ancient Civilisations, Philosophy & Corruption

As it stands now my current hypothesis is leaning towards the view that we are in a simulation possible through quantum mechanics. Weather we are being simulated as entertainment for external entities, as a deep learning process or just as part of a re-run (as stated by Nick Bostrom it’s unlikely we would be the first to run a simulation if it is possible) is unknown, but at present this field of thought is most convincing to me.It will be interesting to discover my viewpoint after the research.

The Simulation Theory is often dismissed due to its unanswered questions and missing links, but with the exponential growth of information, discoveries may be sooner that we expect. Let’s not forget at one point those who believed the Earth was round were considered crazy, but as the information, evidence and theories emerged it became such a well known fact that if you still believed in a flat Earth YOU’D be the crazy one!

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