As an active learner of Spanish I have a keen interest in language learning methods and would like to share my progress which will outline courses I have done, material I would recommend and tips I wish someone would have told me when I first embarked upon my language journey.

I started using Duolingo three years ago to gain some knowledge and basics of the language. A year later I took a module as part of my degree which covered beginners Spanish. It was an enjoyable course but was taught in English and only covered the basic basics. I continued to study the language in my own time and took an evening course to help me along. I found that because it is only 2 hours a week it wasn’t immersive enough.

June 2016
After plenty of home study I decided that I wanted to try a course in Spain, so took 2 weeks (20 hours/week) at A1 in Alicante. The language school was called Enforex and I would highly recommend them! This course really helped my Spanish as it was taught completely in Spanish, giving descriptions or actions instead of translations!

October 2016
I enrolled for a 1 week course at A2 in Ibiza at Instituto de Idioms Ibiza. Fantastic school and well organised! I took conversation classes as an extra and although the concept was great, I felt that watching videos on YouTube is something which can be done at home.

November 2016
Another two weeks booked at III in Ibiza, one week completing A2 and the second making a start at B1. I couldn’t have been happier that I had began B1! Considering the amount of teaching time I had completed, my Spanish had improved rapidly and this is due to a few factors. Study books are the obvious choice when learning a language, the offer grammar rules, vocabulary and exercises for practice. I also found reading story books aimed at beginners useful, parallel stories are great as they offer direct translations but I try and stay away from direct translations and use context to attain meaning. Living in Spain I have access to radio, TV and Spanish Netflix so I tend to utilise these when relaxing.

There is an extremely helpful audio course ‘Language Transfer‘ which i highly recommend. It doesn’t require notes or memory it’s all about finding the word you need rather than remembering it.

Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyne is an essential book for any language learner. It covers a range of aspects which lead to a more streamlined learning journey. Learn how to learn.

After completing Duolingo I was craving a user friendly app to improve my Spanish. Wlingua is a well integrated and organised application with great content for a small fee.

To continue with my language journey I will continue home study and I’m looking into organising language exchanges to practice conversation.

Image credit: Wallpapercave