I am one of those really annoying people who constantly attempt to combine words to make a new meaning. Sorry about that, it can be incredibly annoying.
Lauroski’s combiword of the week……
“POSIHOBBY”(n.) A productive activity done in one’s leisure time.
What is a hobby? Something which you enjoy doing, right? Most people have hobbies, whether it is going out with friends, playing a sport or cooking! I have plenty of hobbies, and thought I would share them with you!
I am currently learning Spanish language as part of my degree at MMU, but the amount of time I spend learning it outside of uni and the enjoyment I get out of it- I would definitely class it as a hobby! I use the website/ app Duolingo, it is definitely worth a try- there’s plenty of languages to choose from- it’s in a quiz style format and you cannot progress to another topic until you have cleared the previous layer of topics- I think there is about 60 topics which it covers- obviously it won’t make me fluent but it enables a good base for learning the language!
My boyfriend works in IT and when I watch him do work I am in awe of it, it’s literally another language but it has made me want to learn it! I have started using a website called Code Academy, I’ve only done lesson (HTML Basics) but really enjoyed it and felt like it was thorough enough for me to really understand! I think in todays world, a lot of business/ marketing/ jobs are looking for (what they describe as) basic IT skills, which covers areas such as this. I just wish I was taught it in school when I was younger so I could be really developed (couldn’t resist!).
So for me, along with Spanish and IT I am also learning to mix/ DJ. It’s been a fair few months and I’m not bad (not exactly Sven Vath either!) Check my Mixcloud if you fancy a listen!