The last year of my life has been nothing how I imagined it would be. I was always a planner, I was money concious and put equal effort into both my academic studies and employment. I’ve found in the last year that my emotions became a rickety roller coaster, my motivation dwindled and my productivity diminished. This blog is going to act as my diary, where I will write about an array of subjects including political and economical affairs, music (particularly techno, minimal, tech-house and deep house), fashion, health and fitness and day to day activities. It does not matter to me whether 300 people read it or none at all because it is allowing a channel of communication for me to express how I feel about many different things.

Before I go off talking about all these (exciting?!) things I will start with an overview of my life, so you can understand more about who I am and my life style.

I have been living in Manchester, for 3 years after moving here in September 2011 for University (International Business at MMU) I still haven’t graduated my three year course (more on that later) but I am absolutely the happiest I have ever been. The first two years of uni were as you would expect them to be, I worked part time but found a good balance with my social life.

Summer 2013 and I decided to do something I was scared but excited to do, I worked abroad in Ibiza for 3 months. It was a decision which has perhaps had a slight detrimental effect on my studies, a decision which meant the next few months were hard (both emotionally and financially) but finally, and most importantly a decision which I definitely do not regret.

After returning to my studies for my third year, I was struggling to attain the high levels I was achieving the first two years of uni, this could have been a variety of reasons; I had gone on the pill (Microgynon is the DEVIL!), hard hitting Ibiza blues or because I was putting so much time into paid employment rather than studying. Whatever the reason, I decided to defer my studies until September 2014. I also quit my job and  took a long break for 3 weeks abroad and upon my return I decided to get a new job (and agreed a 12 hour contract for when I return to uni- much more manageable).

When I say I decided to get a new job it more because I quit my previous job without finding a new job. The scenario was this:

After becoming increasingly annoyed at how all the staff at work were being treated, I decided to do something brave (also spelt s t u p i d ?!) I quit my job there and then, writing my letter of resignation on shift, with no previous plan to leave and no other job.

Anyway, back to now. It’s August 2014 and I have been at my new job and in my new flat for 3/4 weeks. I’ve settled into both really well and I am as happy as I have been with my boyfriend. Once again, this blog will outline what influences my emotions and how I have learnt to control them.